Meet the HOT Hosts

Jessie Jolles is a comedian and writer living in Queens, NY. She grew up in Virginia and can be seen on countless dating apps. She has been featured on TIME, The Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, Cosmopolitan, Funny or Die, Above Average, Backstage, Elite Daily, Indiewire, and more. You can also catch her in the Bravo digital series "Guide To...", MTV News After Hours, and Elite Daily's "Generation whY." Jessie performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade and is single and tries not to mention it as much as she does. 

Claire Burns is an actor, writer, and storyteller based in New York City with a Tennessee spirit. Some of her identities have included but not limited to: Yellowstone tour guide, Milli Vanilli fan, email marketing strategist, and manager of a failed Baldwin brothers restaurant. She began studying improv and sketch with Upright Citizens Brigade in 2012 and now is an actor on UCB's Maude Night with her sketch team, Presley. Claire is an optimist...HAHA! Oh, that's funny.